I’m back!

You missed me SO MUCH, didn’t you?  And I know you’re just DYING to know, what did I do these last two weeks?  Well, here, I’ll show you:


First, there was a lot of this (including stats.  I’ve never had to do stats before.  It is painful in the extreme).  I’ve written several papers, read about 800 pages (that is not an exaggeration), and collaborated with many wonderful classmates!  I have a test to take this week, and then things will be settled out for a while.


We got the carpet cleaned.  I’ve promised myself since this that I will vacuum at least once a week, more if I have the time and energy.  The accumulation of long brunette hairs in the carpet is just no longer acceptable.


I sanded and painted this charming antique schooldesk.  I’m hoping to make it  fixture in my future classroom, but after living on the porch for two years, it needed some serious TLC.  It’s cleaned up and painted a base coat, but I kind of like the whitewashed look and may leave it!  What do you think?


I also finally finished cutting all the flags for my wedding bunting, and created this test string to use at our engagement party next month.  I’d planned to serge each flag, but after testing one of the flags, I thought they might be better without.  We’ll see how this one stands up when used outside in the park pavilion for the party, and then I’ll decide.


I did have a LITTLE fun!  Last week I went to Live@5, Alice 105.9’s summer patio concert series.  My friend Mara and I have done this for many summers past, and it’s always been fun, but this one got crazy really fast!  My name was drawn for a trip to Vegas, so Mara and I will be going together at the end of the summer!  It was SO crazy!  I am also no longer allowed to say “I never win anything!”  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Denver?  Check out the ball park in the background of the photo!

I have a lot of fun little projects planned for this week, and I’m excited to share them!  Stay tuned!

Vacation time!

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I’m going to be taking the next two weeks off from regular posting; I’m in the middle of two graduate courses and teaching interviews, and I think having my focus there would be a good decision.  I will be doing a few crafting things here and there and will hopefully have a lot of photos and projects to share when I’m back!

Thanks, and can’t wait to see you in two weeks! <3

Happy Memorial Day!

imageFrom Wikipedia: Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. Service Members who died while in the military service. First enacted by an organization of Union veterans — the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) — to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War. It was extended after World War I to honor Americans who have died in all wars.

Memorial Day often marks the start of the summer vacation season, and Labor Day its end.  

Begun as a ritual of remembrance and reconciliation after the Civil War, by the early 20th century, Memorial Day was an occasion for more general expressions of memory, as ordinary people visited the graves of their deceased relatives, whether they had served in the military or not. It also became a long weekend increasingly devoted to shopping, family get-togethers, fireworks, trips to the beach, and national media events such as the Indianapolis 500 auto race, held since 1911 on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

Enjoy the long weekend and remember our service men and women!

Got stuff?

I helped my sister this weekend by organizing and photographing some leftover décor items from her wedding last August.  She had a lot of great items good for weddings or just everyday décor!  I thought sharing here would be really helpful!

These photo frames are 3.5×5” metal, and we used them to hold charming childhood photos of the bride and groom.  Silver tone, we have 8 left!  “Gold tone,” which looks more like silver or platinum, we have about 50 left!  Get them for .75 each.

Reception decor items!  Glass, vases, mirrors, candles, frames, more! :  wedding brown gold green silver flowers diy reception Frames

We used this square glass jar in the “candy bar” which we all enjoyed very much!  It’s a big one, at 17.5” tall x 6” across both ways.  Asking $15.

Reception decor items!  Glass, vases, mirrors, candles, frames, more! :  wedding brown gold green silver flowers diy reception Squarejar

This giant glass ‘snifter’ vase was also part of the candy bar!  It’s 12” high, ~ 9” across at widest, with a 5” base.  Asking $5.

Reception decor items!  Glass, vases, mirrors, candles, frames, more! :  wedding brown gold green silver flowers diy reception Snifter1

Please contact nikki285@hotmail.com (my sister) for purchase or more information!

I have driven 300 miles…

I spent the last few days with family and just got back!  I spent a good chunk of time helping my sister decorate by sewing curtains and assisting in hanging shelves.  I do love me some decorating!  My adorable nephew also turned 6!  I can’t believe it!  It was a fun trip, and I’ll be back on schedule on Monday.  To complete this post, here’s what I woke up to Thursday at my parents’ house:

personal photo

Oh, Wyoming.

Weekend Warrior

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of my haul this weekend.  I did a lot of cleaning, grocery shopping, and playing video games, but I still managed to make a big dent in the wedding décor!  Specifically my faux mercury glass.  I took this fun shot with “Retro Cam” on my phone and thought it was worth sharing.  These are the votives, taped up and ready to paint!  I’ll detail more about the process and the results on Wednesday.


Historical Days

“I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” – Mark Twain

As I said on my facebook status, this is awesome, truly, but in all honesty I think I’ve had just about enough historical moments for being only 30. I would be more than happy to exist through the next twenty years without any more life-changing events.

Like a lot of others, it’s not in my nature to celebrate death and destruction in any form, but this is a matter of closure for literally hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people.  It is a triumph shrouded in a decade of tragedy, waste, and loss.  There is almost a frenzy, a fervor of celebration in response to ages of pain, and who can blame those who celebrate.  It is a breathtaking moment in time, caught up between grief and triumph.

It is not the end, of course, but it is an end.  It is an interesting marker as I have finished my student teaching: I will likely have students who have never known a world without terrorism, without Osama bin Laden in the forefront when I begin teaching this fall.  Ten years of mystery, ended in a moment.

Read about the death of Osama bin Laden at MSNBC.

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This is all I have today.

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Today, in addition to the biggest wedding of the century, was my final day of student teaching.  I’m taking a week off to sleep (kind of, because I will still be job-hunting), subbing for a few weeks, and then starting 6 credits of graduate research courses.  Then I’ll be planning a wedding.  And starting a new career.

So, ladies and gentlemen, good night, and good luck.

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Howl’s Moving Ceramics

This has nothing to do with anything other than being so incredibly awesome and relevant to my interests that I can’t NOT share it.

Sourced from instructables


This incredible creation was made by Liz of Artisan Cake Company in Portland, Oregon.  She regularly builds in fondant and cereal bar (and in rather nerdy fashion!), but turned to clay and glaze for this piece.  I love it and I want one.  Check out her whole process at Instructables.