Weekend of Fun!

I was busy on Friday checking in people at the cosplay contest at Animeland Wasabi here in Denver, hence my lack of post!  I will resume regularly posting this week, but here’s a quick shot of where I was!


Not the greatest shot, taken from my phone, but it was a wonderful time and a very successful contest!

Also want to mention, of course, to please pray for and send support to Japan in any way you can.  We wouldn’t have cosplay as we know it without the Japanese culture that influenced it, so please show your appreciation!  You can text 90999 to REDCROSS to make an instant $10 donation or visit the Red Cross’ website for more information.

I could ask for nothing more.


Nick asked me to marry him last night. The ring is rose gold with a blue, rose-cut diamond.

I said yes.

MLK Jr. Day

In honor of the day, the fact that in America we have the freedom to do what we want to do every day no matter who we are, I want to present this video.

If you have the day off, enjoy it with the knowledge that because of people like Martin Luther King, Jr. we can spend it however we like, creating and imagining, without worry or concern.  Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

My Christmas consisted of snow crab legs, cookies, and a lot of tissues as I inherited Nick’s cold, but it was delightful nonetheless.  I enjoyed the company of my family and the special delight of my nephew in his gifts.  I was also gifted a special present that I requested – a food processor!  More on this tomorrow for NOMday!


My 30th birthday approaches quickly, and I can’t wait to reach that goal!  Happy Holidays and safety in your travels and pleasures.

Giving Thanks!

I’ve been on a lovely break since Wednesday, enjoying time off from school before the last stretch toward the finish life of this semester.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with friends yesterday and enjoyed their company and the amazing cooking skill of my friend Imee.

I’m so thankful this year to have a wealth of friends and family supporting me, as always, and I’m so happy to be closer to starting my career as a teacher.  I’m looking forward to what this next year will bring for my career, my creativity, and my life!  Thanks, all!

Two Happy Years

With my dear Nick.


You are a marvelous person and an amazing boyfriend.  Thank you for encouraging all my endeavors, from crafting to teaching, and supporting me throughout all of it.

I wanted the ocean, it came to me

imageI am not dead but I was REALLY REALLY CLOSE for about five minutes (the truck I was in was is in the very edge of the top right corner, no foolin’ you guys.  Seriously).  I was on a trip to South Texas for a long weekend and was very busy with weddings and sightseeing, though it was all very wet!  Even for all that it was a lovely trip and very beautiful country.  I will return here tomorrow to provide the regularly scheduled craftyblogging!

See you then!

Happy Labor Day… Late!

I had a weekend filled with lots and lots of sewing… and a few mishaps!  D’oh!  Here’s hoping all your crafting and creating ‘labors’ went well, and you enjoyed your weekend!  See you tomorrow!



I just picked up this GREAT poster from hooray in anticipation of my someday-classroom.   Not only do I love the sentiment (who doesn’t need to be reminded how wonderful we are once in a while, right?), but I was delighted with the use of vocabulary.  Each line has one less letter than the line above it… a great little game to play with students!  “What do you notice about this poster?”  Sounds like a good idea for a quick language arts assignment to me!

I have serious teaching on the brain as I begin classes tomorrow!  Now back to your regularly scheduled craftybloggityblog.

TT: Metablogging

Thursdays are now “Thoughtful Thursdays!”  I liked last week’s post, so I figured I’d just go on in that direction!  So anyway, speaking of being thoughtful… I got to thinking about blogging during class last weekend, as of course as teachers we spend a lot of time talking about metacognition – thinking about thinking (or really, about the way you think).  And so a few weeks into this blogging experiment, I was thinking about blogging about… blogging!  Ha!

I’d had several false starts before this; I had an in-website blog (good lord, when I was 20, it was atrocious), and a Livejournal for ages after that, that I still use.  I’m late to this blog boat!  Even that had fallen off in the past year or so, I just didn’t find a lot of motivation, I was busy, cue excuse one, excuse two…  Discipline has never been one of my strong suits!

So I decided to take a different tack with it.  I’ve set up a schedule in my Google calendar that illustrates the days I MUST post (if you’ve been keeping track, it’s Tuesday and Thursday, and it looks like I’m adding Monday, too!).  If I have an idea the day before hand, I write the post and save it.  I make sure to take pictures of things I’m doing while I’m doing them – oh, that was a huge challenge!  And I’d like a new camera.  And if something awesome comes up that I just need to get out there, I do it!  It’s been easy so far this summer, with not working full time, and classes only on the weekend, but I’ll start classes and guest teaching full time plus in a few weeks, and I wonder how that’ll go.  I think I’ve established enough of a pattern to keep it up!

Also, I started READING more blogs.  I have several I follow now, filled with decorating and nerdery and teaching, because it’s all stuff I like.  And it makes me think about what I’m doing, and what I can do.  And they’re all awesome of course, my Google Reader (see a theme here?) is full of hilarious, unique people.  They’re a source of inspiration every day, and that’s really motivating by itself.

So I’m feeling good about this endeavor, and meeting my goals so far!  Here’s to another month of good blogging!  Cheers!