Our new house.

So the husband and I have been building a house in Reunion, Colorado for a few months now.  We should be ready about June for move-in, but we stopped by for the first time in two weeks this afternoon.  Somewhere magically over the course of two weeks it went from just concrete footers to an actual house with walls and a roof.

IMG_20130316_165642 IMG_20130316_172121
IMG_20130316_165921 IMG_20130316_170006

It’s beautiful, you guys. It’s amazing, and more perfect than I could have imagined. And all it really is right now is exterior walls and studs, but it’s still a shape you can walk into and climb up the stairs and see the bedrooms and the views and… it’s really, really incredible.

The HGTV Green Home!

Last night the winner of the HGTV Green Home was surprised at her home!  I’m a little disappointed that it wasn’t me (or Nick!), but delighted that the home is going to a fellow educator.

Nick and I were in luck because the Green Home this year was built in the nearby community of Stapleton in Denver.  Because of it’s closeness, we had the delight of visiting and having a tour of the place!  It was really incredibly gorgeous and inspiring to view this spectacular home in person.

source: HGTV

One of my personal favorites was the “Do” Room, an evolved craft room that also doubles as laundry.

source: HGTV

Both comfortable and functional, the room has places for all your crafting, but also the potential to hide it and create a serene space for just about anything!

Did you know the Green Home also has an unfinished basement?  All that gorgeous space, and then some you can customize!

Congrats to the winner, and enjoy!


Apartment Therapy reminded me this morning how much I looooove the shine and luster of lacquered furniture.  They featured a post about lacquered walls, but I thought to add a few pieces of furniture.  But seriously, isn’t this gorgeous?

source: apartment therapy

I like my lacquer to have a nice modern finish, like this bedroom set from Scandinavian Designs.  With very clean lines, solid colors, and that bright shine, it becomes the focal point of a room without taking away from anything else.

source: Scandinavian Designs

Shiny lacquered kitchens make me just shiver with delight.

source: apartment therapy

Lacquer accessories have always been popular staples in the bathroom, because of their brightness and ease of cleaning, but they can go anywhere!  Check out these from Nina Campbell!


On a budget?  Try some resin options from Walmart!

A homey weekend.

Nick and I spent the afternoon on Sunday looking at some homes for sale in Denver.  We have a delightful real estate agent who is excited to be working with us in the long term (we warned her up front that we’re not ready to buy for about another year!) and she’s really nailed down the locations and styles we’re looking for.

source: dovetailhomes.net

We saw several houses remodeled by Dovetail Homes, a Denver company that’s focused on restoring vintage homes in some of the most charming, unique neighborhoods in Denver, such as Highlands, Park Hill, and Wash Park.  We saw two of their homes and were utterly blown away by the quality of work and choices in finishes (aside from my addiction to HGTV, Nick’s and my parents both have built homes, so we feel we have some good experience in making judgments about quality!).  They clearly have a focus on making homes into quality, contemporary, modern residences while retaining the original charm.  These are not your typical flippers, the layouts and changes are clearly well thought out, and the company itself has a sterling reputation.

We’re going to be keeping an eye on this company and their homes as we continue our home search, and I’m truly thrilled to see more of what they’re doing!

Did you focus on any builders or renovators in your home search?