Millionaire’s Bacon… Delicious times a thousand. I mean, a million!

So when husband and I discovered the phenomenon known as Millionaire’s Bacon, we knew we had to try it.  I mean, it has everyone’s favorite things – sugar, salt, and spice.  It’s the kind of thing you want to eat when you want ALL THE FLAVORS and can ignore the calories.  Or are at least willing to ignore them.

I chose to forgo measuring because who does that anyway and just piled my bacon with brown sugar, freshly cracked black pepper, and red pepper (alas, I did not have cayenne pepper in the house, which was tragic but red pepper was acceptable).  In the oven for 45 minutes at 350 degrees and we were treated to a gooey, sweet-and-savory delight for our breakfast-for-dinner.  Laying deliciously next to the eggs and homemade toast, there was very little argument before we decided this was the best breakfast ever.  For dinner.

For Denver diners, if you’re interested in something similar, try the Steubie Snacks at Steuben’s in Uptown.  Made with pork belly instead of bacon, you still get a delightful and sinful treat.

Doggy Dining

I’m excited to share this fun little project I did this weekend.  More modern-style raised doggie feeders are kind of hard to come by, so I decided to make a set of my own!  We have two retired racing greyhounds, and it’s recommended to feed them from elevated dishes to make them more comfortable and possibly reduce bloat, a medical condition that can be quite serious.

All the materials came from Ikea, so I suppose this could also be considered an Ikea hack!  I do apologize for the lack of progress photos – I’d just gotten the rotary cutter and I was so excited about it I forgot to take pictures. XD

I started with one $4 Ekby Tryggve shelf and four (red!) Ekby Stodis brackets for $.50 each.  Since the shelf was more than long enough, I used a circular saw to cut it in half – one half for each diner.  Then I used a newly-purchased Ryobi Cordless Rotary Cutter to cut out circles – just big enough for the bowls to fit and catch on the lip.  I added the brackets to the shelves first – normally I’d put the brackets on the walls and then add the shelf, but this made more sense as they were small and going to be low on the wall.  I anchored each of the screw holes in the wall just in case a dog gets excited and decides to step up on the little ‘shelf’, and then everything was installed!

I like these because they’re easy to clean by just wiping them off, as well as keeping messes off the floor (mostly).  Even if they do make a mess, with the open space beneath it’s easy to just swipe under there with a towel or broom (or to pick up the rug under Zelda’s because she still thinks the wood floors are lava =p).

The shelves are ‘permanent,’ but no more so than a screwdriver and a little spackle will take.  And even though they’re attached to the walls, they have a lower profile than the other raised dishes we had.

Cute, modern, and tidy raised dog dishes for just $3 each?  I’ll take it!

I still eat!

I figured I should stop whining about how I don’t blog and actually take the time from whining to actually blog something.  CONCEPT.

Last weekend Nick and I enjoyed the delights of Denver and visited Linger with some friends for Restaurant Week.  This is a fabulous event where you can sample some incredible meals at some of the most fantastic restaurants in Denver more a very reasonable cost.

My main dish was this pork ramen.  It was delectable, saucy, and fresh as can be.  The churros for dessert were also a treat!  And at Linger you can’t miss the duck-fat popcorn.

Denver Restaurant Week usually runs late February through early March, and though the weather is cold, the dishes are hot!

A chip off the old snack…


In my search for healthier eats for myself and my husband, I came across the recipe for kale chips.  Nick LOVES them, as he is a fan of more seaweedy type snacks and things like wasabi peas.  It was a little too strong of a kale taste for me, but I love that he loves them!  They’re really easy to make, too!  All I do it cut the leaves off the ribs (the kind of stalk part in the middle), and tear them into bite sized pieces.  I lay them out on a Silpat mat and spritz them with some olive oil, flip them, and spritz again.  Sprinkle a little kosher salt and pop them in the oven at 350 degrees F for about 12 minutes.  Slide them out, into a bowl, and it’s OM NOM NOM time!

What healthy snacks do you like to make?

Chalk it up to caffeine!

Continuing on my adventure with chalkboard paint, I thought one morning as I made Nick his coffee and me my tea that our respective morning beverages would be a fun place for some chalky application.  Not IN the cups, but ON them!


I started with these plain coffee and teacups, purchased for a pittance at the local ARC.

I taped off my areas for painting.  This shows just the placement of the tape; I added more wax paper to cover the rest of the cups later.


And the final results!

What are your plans for chalkboard paint?

Friday Fi.. more like three!

Even though this is not Twitter (although you can check mine out @charmedseed, of course!), I wanted to share a few of the blogs I’ve been following lately!


Metal and Mud: Holy brilliant ideas, Batman!  I ran into this blog while participating in Thing-A-Day this year, and this artist is constantly working and creating.  Not only that, but she has a collection of amazing jewelry and art at Etsy, too!  The perpetual calendar project in the photo is simply AMAZING!


Craftastrophe: Is exactly what it sounds like.  Occasionally NSFW, silly and even occasionally appalled at some of the nuttier craft ideas out there, this blog is sure to bring a laugh or two to your day!  I pity the fool who doesn’t read this blog!


crafting an education: Here’s where I’m a total tool and toot my own horn.  This is my more education-leaning blog, but with a crafting aftertaste.  I discuss some of my teaching and learning here, but I also identify fun teaching-related crafts, organization, and décor!  I love making this connection between my two passions.

Go for it, share your favorite (or your own!) blogs!

Cinco de FOODO

I am admittedly a bandwagon celebrator of Cinco de Mayo.  I drink margaritas and go to Mexican restaurants for dinner.  I did the same thing last night, and we had a great night!  Here are some highlights!


We started the night out at Las Margaritas on 17th Street in Denver.  It was a lovely night and a lovely location!  I had the most fabulous tamales!


Fabulous margaritas!  Not too sweet, very fresh tasting, which I like very much.


After dinner, we needed some SUGAR, so we headed down the street to D Bar, Keegan Gerhard’s Denver restaurant.  I’ve been here once before for a birthday, and it is a totally fabulous location.


The most delicious caramel escaped when I busted open this incredible tart.  AND we were at the bar, so we could watch the incredible skilled chef create each of our dishes.  Also, I am currently having a love affair with caramel.

How was your Cinco?

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I had a great time applying my foodie tendencies to the deviled eggs on Easter!  I had an awfully fun time creating different flavors with unique spices, sauces, even wasabi!  Nick really liked the wasabi!  Ranch was also a good addition, and I particularly liked the sage eggs.  You can’t taste, but you can enjoy the photos!



How were your Easter vittles?

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With Easter coming up this weekend, I’ve been seeing eggs and egg projects fly through my reader at an incredible pace!  Personally, I LOVE me some eggs: decorated, deviled, scrambled, baked in a pie (or a quiche, as it were).  Here are some fabulous options for your Easter or any egg-requiring celebration!

First of all make sure your hard boiled eggs – whether for coloring or deviling – are intact and delicious!  Alton Brown, the man I consider a guru for everything food, says the following in an interview:

“I put however many eggs I want to cook into a pot of cold water. I bring it to a boil, I cover the pan, I remove the pan from the heat, and I wait eight minutes. Peel immediately under cold running water. That will give you a slightly soft yolk. If you want a really hard yolk, go with twelve minutes.”



The good old classic Easter egg coloring event.  Create your own egg dyes using vinegar and food coloring, or grab one of the myriad packages of dye, many of which include glitter, wax for blocking colors, stickers, etc!  Fun for kids, but still fun for adults, too!


These totally incredible cross-stitched eggs have been all over the blogosphere, they’re that amazing!


My personal favorite, the deviled egg!  This recipe is a classic, but there are literally thousands of variations!  Like extra pickles?  Why not!  Need to add a little extra spice?  Go for it!

What’s your favorite eggy creation?

It’s true… love, that is!


I expect to be perusing a lot of books and blogs like this one over the next year… that’s right!  Nick and I are engaged, and planning on a wedding in late spring of 2012.  Given my penchant for all things handmade, cobbled, frugal, and DiY, you can bet this is going to be a big time craft love fest!  I’m delighted about that aspect of personalizing our wedding, and looking forward to the event planning portion, as well.

Look for lots more wedding and reception planning in the future!

Oh, and what are your best recommendations for resources?