An exciting appointment!

This weekend I’m heading out to achieve one of the milestones of wedding preparation… the dress!  This is an unbelievably exciting event for me (and my girls!) because I care so deeply about garment construction and style.  I’m lucky enough to be able to attend a trunk show with my chosen designer, Claire Pettibone, at Little White Dress in Denver on Saturday.  Meeting a creative, unique designer like Claire is a real treat!

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The dress that I’m most looking forward to seeing – and trying on! – is the Clover, a really lovely natural waist dress with straps and the usual Pettibone detailing.  It’s also a cotton dress, which I just love the idea of!  It’s just a beautiful vintage-y, classic, natural, unique look, and I love it!  I think it’s The One… I hope trying it on this weekend will prove it!

Oh, and Nick has seen a picture of it!  I don’t mind sharing the dress because it’s so beautiful, and the real surprise will be on the actual day (and well, I do value his input, even on this very bridal choice!)…  I can’t seem to help but want to share this amazing gown!

I’ll be sure to let you know the results on Monday!

thing-a-day twenty-eight: the final bite


I finished up the felt apple by attaching it to a headband.  The month-long dash has been a great one, and I move on with a lot of energy into preparing myself for the final stretch of student teaching, and onto job applications!  Hopefully this last project – an apple – with bring me some luck as I go!

I will be taking off the rest of the week (I know, you are SO going to miss me after a post every day of the last month =p), but expect me back next week… probably with wedding stuff!  Ha!

thing-a-day twenty-five: quick tassle earrings


I wanted some cute earrings to wear out tonight, so I worked up a super-fast pair with several lengths of antiqued chain.

thing-a-day eighteen: something fishy…


For today, fun pink shell koi become a pair of swimming earrings.  I liked the copper findings as a contrast to the bright pink!

Funchico 2.0!

So I purchased the original Funchico about a year ago.  It started out great…  fit my 16.4 laptop, held everything and more that I might have wanted to take along, looked ADORABLE.  It was everything I had ever wanted in a laptop bag.

Well, there was a snag.  Not in the fabric, but in the function of the vinyl handles.  They started to deteriorate and separate from the bag after about two months of regular use.  I was broken-hearted.  But upon a brief email to Rainebrooke, they immediately shipped out a replacement, and guaranteed that I would get ANOTHER replacement when they finished the second – improved – version.

I’m going to say it here, and in bold: Rainebrooke has the best customer service I’ve ever received.  I was so impressed with how fast and no-questions-asked they were about my problems with the damage, how prompt their replacement shipping was, and how they wanted to make my purchase right immediately.  They were absolutely fantastic in every aspect.

I received the Funchico 2.0 yesterday and took it to school today.  It is VASTLY improved,  with more finished vinyl handles that I can’t see tearing, a more stable top handle, and even a longer shoulder strap for when you need to wear it cross-body.  The fabric has changed a little, too, but is still lovely.  It’s a simple ivory and pink tweed now, without the shiny hot-pink threads.  Both are charming!


This is still the CUTEST BAG I HAVE EVER SEEN.  I love it so much, and I’m over the moon to have another functioning one in my hands!  Check it out at Rainebrooke, or browse through their collection of unique and fun pink laptop bags and cases!  Enjoy!

Next up: thing-a-day seventeen!

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thing-a-day sixteen: part two of the copyskirt


And we are finished!  I’m especially pleased with the ruffle, and the stitching detail around the waist.

Sadly, I will not wear this… I managed to make it too small for me.  Alas.

thing-a-day fifteen: day one of the copyskirt

Halfway there!


I’m attempting to copy this sandy-pinkish-brown paisley skirt in my green-blue-cream paisley fabric.  The pink one is one of my favorites, so I really wanted another in the A-line style.  Here’s the first day’s work: main skirt body and lining cut, sewn, and zippered.  The strips for the bottom ruffles are ready to go tomorrow!

thing-a-day fourteen: cracked but not broken


A little Valentine’s Day treat (and a little bit late… hey, I was celebrating last night!).  Chipped semi-precious stone and craft foam to make a pin.

thing-a-day thirteen: rosy toes


Maybe it’s not exactly crafting, but it’s definitely work!  In the really difficult, gotta sit on the couch for an hour way…  Anyway, red in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

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thing-a-day twelve: Candy Heart Pin


I’ve seen a lot of similar style projects for the quickly-approaching holiday, and I wanted to do up one of my own!  Made with felt and poly filler, stitched on my machine with a sweet message and finished with my new favorite, the blanket edge stitch.