Mmmm, biscuits!


I do love my carbs, do I ever.  Biscuits are one of my favorite delivery methods, too, but I generally didn’t make them myself, instead reserving my consumption for trips to McDonalds or Thanksgiving dinners.  Little did I know it was SO EASY to make them myself.

I actually went directly to my box of pancake batter.  This is a staple in my pantry – I know I’m breaking some cursory rule of DiY cooking with this, but this activity was passed down from my mother, and while they call it ‘complete’ I’m always augmenting my pancakes with cinnamon and vanilla and things.  I vaguely recalled that pancake batter mix isn’t JUST for pancakes, but for waffles, pot pies, and indeed, biscuits!  Really, it wasn’t all that different from their standard pancake mix, just more mix and less milk.  They provide options for dropped biscuits (as you see there) or cut biscuits.  Both were great!  They were light and fluffy, a little bit crumbly like homemade biscuits should be!

There are plenty of simple recipes for biscuits on the internet (I’m going to get on the garlic-cheese biscuits ASAP!), but this leaves you with a simple method if you’re in a hurry.  Now, just to learn how to make a decent sausage gravy…


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