Happy little scarves

I am super happy that it’s getting to be fall now (Hear that, Colorado weather?  FALL.  F-A-L-L.  So knock off this whole state being on fire crap.  It is not cool.), because I always miss the layering and sweaters during the summer.  But even when things are still a little warm, I like to add a little color or texture to an otherwise plain outfit with scarves.

IMG_2407Fortunately, this is really easy!  Soft, light scarves are popular even in summer, and for great prices (I found one recently at Walmart for just $5!).  But then I thought, what the heck?  I know how to sew, and there’s tons of great fabric out there, so why not make something personalized and unique (and did I mention super simple)?

I worked with a few fabrics I’d picked up from remnants and came up with this simple plan: working with about a square of 54” fabric, I could get two long rectangles, or one big square.  I have both in my closet already, but since I thought I’d try a few different techniques, I opted for the long rectangle.  One I sewed into a big tube with the selvages on the ends, the other I roll-hemmed on my serger all the way around.  Ta da!  Two nice black and silver scarves!  This was a little more substantial fabric, but if I’d had something a little softer and thinner, I would like to do a full square.

Here are some things to think about if you do this project:

Look at the fabrics being used for commercial scarves.  They’re super light, and have a very soft or silky hand (that means they’re kind of slinky, soft, and not stiff at all!).  Look for fabrics that have a soft hand to make your own.  This will ensure you have a nice soft, drapey scarf, rather than a stiff bunch!

Look at the fabric width (the measurement from selvage to selvage).  44” will make a nice ascot style, 54” and up will make a good scarf length.

Feeling ambitious?  Add tassels or other decorations to the ends!  Go for it!  Don’t have a serger?  Pick up a cute hand stitch like the blanket stitch and use that!

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