I am a faithful viewer of Project Runway, so imagine my UTTER DELIGHT when I was in my beloved Denver Fabrics this afternoon and who was there?  Michael C. and Mondo!  I know Mondo is a Denver resident (represent!), but I was surprised to see Michael C. as well.  Once I got over my initial shock, I was able to approach the guys, say hi and how cool it was to see them, and even got a photo (thank you, Nick!).


HOW COOL IS THAT?  I’m honestly not usually such a goofball when meeting favorite celebrities (I like to think my meeting and ten minute chat with Peter Beagle at Dragon*Con was an enlightening one!), but I think the surprise of seeing these incredible designers in MY local fabric store just sent me over the edge!  Thanks for being so cool to the nutty fangirl, guys!

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