All the colors…

Even though Nick and I rent, the owners of the townhome we rent were kind enough to hear out my thoughts on painting some of the walls and agreed to let us paint some!  Right now everything is a nice but plain cream color, and I thought some interesting highlight walls would benefit not only us, but the owners whenever they decide to reclaim the house.  Besides, they get free labor and we get to enjoy it!

One of the rooms I really wanted to address was our tiny living area.  Our townhome is a long but thin space, and the living area is very confined.  Nick’s large TV fits perfectly into the alcove next to the fireplace, and I thought that wall would be perfect for an accent, especially with the TV already taking up so much of it.

Here’s what we have now:


And here’s what I’m looking at doing:


I know it seems a little counterintuitive to apply a dark color in such a small space, but I think with our beautiful bright picture window on the right there, we could get away with it.  To me, it also seems to add a depth to the room; as light as the alcove is right now, it seems to just emphasize the shallowness of the space.   It’s also a technique to help disguise and blend in all the electronics.

I meant to get this done over the summer and never quite got to it, but maybe over some of the fall holidays I can fit it in!  Here’s hoping?

Got a project you still need to get around to?

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