Easy Savings

Nick and I took a trip for groceries to Target yesterday after a little extra planning on my part.  Of course I’m using myrecipes.com to create great menus and work with the ingredients I already have in order to save some money in that department, but I thought I’d try to take it a little further still.  Target makes it really easy with their website coupon printer.


Hit “Coupons” at the bottom of just about any page and you’ll go directly to Target’s online coupon book.  What makes this even cooler?  You can search and print only the coupons you want (there is a program to download, but it’s very convenient and unobtrusive!).  Last night I printed about 15 coupons and ended up saving myself around $20.  All for about five minutes of browsing through the coupon printer.  Best part about this?  Target has coupons for their brand, too, Market Pantry.  Savings on top of savings!  We spent the dividends on dinner at the delicious L&L Hawaiian BBQ!

What are your easy ways to save?

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