A new family member…


I purchased a new sewing machine, the Singer 7470 Confidence!  This is the first new machine I’ve had in about 7 years (the last being another Singer that was a Christmas gift from my folks), and I’m truly excited about it!  First, I saved a lot of money on the purchase by getting it from Amazon Warehouse.  Items that are returned to Amazon are checked and then sold at deep discounts!  Second, it’s a sewing machine that’s NOT OLDER THAN ME.  Finally, it has a number of decorative stitches that I have envied in friends’ machines for years.  Pretty scrolly leafy stitches, here I come!

It was a bit of a tough decision, but when I looked at what it would cost me to clean and tune up my vintage Kenmore, it would have run up to a good percentage of the total cost for this new machine.  A lot of the automatic features, like the button hole setting, will also save me a lot of time and effort.

A friend and I gave it a good test out last night on her Halloween costume, and we had a lot of success!

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