Initially, I thought it was a great idea.

Me, with the puns.  I know.


These are my Anne Boleyn initial replica necklaces!  They’re one of my favorite little jewelry projects to work on, and several have marched through my Etsy store and the Charmedseed website lately (I wonder where that came from!  Did I make a blog I don’t know about?).  Sort of elementary cutwork, I saw each of these letters out of sheet metal, then polish and finish them.  Pair them with freshwater or crystal pearls and you have the iconic accessory of Anne Boleyn.

The best part is they’re really personal.  For example, mine is copper with mint-green button pearls!  Anything goes!  They make great gifts, too!  I know I’ve had at least one customer give one to a girlfriend, and she loved it!  I even have an “Heirloom” version done on traditionally knotted silk.  Definitely something to hand down.

Check them out, along with other handmade gifts for the upcoming holidays!  Thanks for supporting small crafters!

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