Why I never forget Thanksgiving

Why, because of Halloween, of course!  I’m always appreciative of these two holidays falling within proximity of each other because they share a good portion of the décor.  The warm colors, fallen leaves, and gourd-based accessories are easily shared between the two events.  Even (more permanent versions of) jack-o-lanterns can be turned about to their featureless sides.  All those orange candles?  Still great!  Check these out!


A beautiful fall floral and dried display outside a barn.  Appropriate for any harvest-time celebration. 



Pumpkin plates can share your favorite of each of these holiday foods.  Ours held candy for trick-or-treaters during Halloween, and now displays some seasonal gourds for Thanksgiving!



Pick up this cute set of stacking boxes from Oriental Trading!  One side of each is printed with a thankful message, but turn them about for perfect Halloween containers.

What other décor do you love to reuse?

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