I did it.

I bought a tablet.  I have become one of the tech-ridiculous.


Well, maybe not.  I have never had and will never have an iPhone.  I didn’t have a laptop until last year.  I bought my first desktop in 2003 and used it up until I got the laptop!  So maybe not ridiculous.  But it’s definitely a big part of my everyday existence.

I mainly purchased it to take to teaching interviews and to use as a tool in my classroom next year, but as I thought more about it, I realized it could become a really useful tool while crafting!  Need a quick costume reference photo while shopping for fabric?  Carry this little guy along!  Need a look at some colors or paint chips?  Bam, right there.  Take a note while you’re shopping, and email it to friends?  Piece of cake.  Need to sketch but your only pen is out of ink?  This one never runs out of ink!  Oooohhh, how about a blog post?  The possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite crafty-tech?

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