To veil, or not to veil?

I’d originally thought that I’d wanted at birdcage veil.  I loved the cutie vintage look and the fun style, not to mention the potential for DiY!  But upon trying one on with my Clover, it was kind of a ‘meh.’  I think the look is so charming… just not with this particular dress.

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That’s when the fantastic Claire Pettibone approached with one of her beautiful chapel-length veils and perched it upon my head – that was it.  I was going to wear a veil.  A LONG veil!  The lovely dramatic elegance!  I’d had no idea!

If you’re Nick, please don’t click on the cut!

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I mean REALLY, how can I turn that down?  And I thought, you know, a veil is a great way for me to get my stitchin’ little mitts into my wedding attire.  I’d opted to not make my own dress (another post for another time!), but I absolutely think I could do a veil!  I loved the oval chapel-length veil that Claire showed me with my own dress, but upon a little further exploration, I think a mantilla would be a neat option, too.

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The style is not unlike what Claire pinned into my hair, just a little more elaborate lace at the edges it seems.  They come in all lengths, and I think my rather simple dress could definitely use that extra statement of drama.  I’m fortunate in having sources for cotton English Netting and Cluny lace – the same materials as my dress – at reasonable prices, and I’m just in love with the idea of constructing my own veil, a very special part of our very special day.

What sort of veil did you or would you like to wear?  Any surprises? Share your stories!

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