OMG shoes

I think I finally found the perfect shoes for the wedding.

These are Seychelles Aquamarine Pump, and they are pretty much perfect.  They’re a gorgeous shade of pale teal matching our scheme, it’s a moderate 2” heel, strappy and vintage looking, and open toed.  imageI definitely think they compliment my dress, especially in the softer color.

I know I’d found a pair earlier that I liked, but they were a bit long for my petite foot, and I really wanted a more vintage style to compliment my dress.  This really meets all of my expectations and then some!  They’re a little pricy at $90, but I know that’s a good price for really nice shoes!  Also, free shipping, hello!

They have a few other styles that I really like, too, such as the Eyes of Mars Ankle Strap Sandal in Seafoam and the stunning Pot of Gold Pump in Seafoam.  I could probably be persuaded to purchase the sandals for the reception…

Also, on a side note, this wedding took place in Denver and WOW, the locations are so amazing!  The flower wall!  The copper light sconces (that blue-green copper tarnish is just the color)!  I may have to hunt down these spaces for some of our photos, too!

What are some of your stunning wedding finds?  Shoes?  Locations?  Anything exciting?

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