TT: Metablogging

Thursdays are now “Thoughtful Thursdays!”  I liked last week’s post, so I figured I’d just go on in that direction!  So anyway, speaking of being thoughtful… I got to thinking about blogging during class last weekend, as of course as teachers we spend a lot of time talking about metacognition – thinking about thinking (or really, about the way you think).  And so a few weeks into this blogging experiment, I was thinking about blogging about… blogging!  Ha!

I’d had several false starts before this; I had an in-website blog (good lord, when I was 20, it was atrocious), and a Livejournal for ages after that, that I still use.  I’m late to this blog boat!  Even that had fallen off in the past year or so, I just didn’t find a lot of motivation, I was busy, cue excuse one, excuse two…  Discipline has never been one of my strong suits!

So I decided to take a different tack with it.  I’ve set up a schedule in my Google calendar that illustrates the days I MUST post (if you’ve been keeping track, it’s Tuesday and Thursday, and it looks like I’m adding Monday, too!).  If I have an idea the day before hand, I write the post and save it.  I make sure to take pictures of things I’m doing while I’m doing them – oh, that was a huge challenge!  And I’d like a new camera.  And if something awesome comes up that I just need to get out there, I do it!  It’s been easy so far this summer, with not working full time, and classes only on the weekend, but I’ll start classes and guest teaching full time plus in a few weeks, and I wonder how that’ll go.  I think I’ve established enough of a pattern to keep it up!

Also, I started READING more blogs.  I have several I follow now, filled with decorating and nerdery and teaching, because it’s all stuff I like.  And it makes me think about what I’m doing, and what I can do.  And they’re all awesome of course, my Google Reader (see a theme here?) is full of hilarious, unique people.  They’re a source of inspiration every day, and that’s really motivating by itself.

So I’m feeling good about this endeavor, and meeting my goals so far!  Here’s to another month of good blogging!  Cheers!

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