Get into my car!

So, to take off from last Foodie Monday (I had a really good name for what Monday posts were going to be called and I have since forgotten completely.  I am slightly annoyed about that) post, wherein I plotted to begin using to create a little more interesting meals for Nick and me.image

One of the things that’s pretty new to me is fresh garlic.  It.  Is.  Amazing.  Period.  However, it is a nasty mess to chop.  I have a few good knives, but I don’t know yet how to use them well enough for chopping.  Besides that, I hated for my fingers and hands to smell like garlic for days after.  So I went looking for a garlic press, and instead I found… this!

I am calling it a Garlic Car, and it is my new favorite thing.  It is actually the Handheld Garlic Chopper, but that’s just no fun at all.  It has wheels, it’s a car now.  Anyway.  It’s simple to use and really safe, a clove or two of garlic go in the top, and then you send it on a trip around the counter or six.  Magically you have wonderful, tidy chopped garlic.  Want it minced?  Go around a few more times!  And after you have delightful minced garlic?  Your fingers don’t smell like it for three days!  Hooray!

It was more expensive than a regular garlic press at about $10, but for the fun little thing it is and how useful it can be, it was totally worth it!  It definitely seems it would be good for little kids, too, safe and fun to roll around.  I can’t wait to let my nephew try it!

What’s your favorite fun kitchen utensil?

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