I will stop making up stupid names for days of the week.  Thanks.

IMG_2369Today is shaping  up to be great!  I finally have a weekend day absolutely free of any prior obligations and the time is open for me to do anything I want to do!  Over the past month or two I’ve been able to cross a lot of big projects off my to do lists, all the home improvements Nick and I wanted to do have gotten done (on deck for this week is a post about our shelves repurposed as… well, shelves!), and a lot of family obligations for an upcoming wedding have been completed.  It feels great to cross those things off my list and feel prepared for the start of fall.  I try to do a little bit on projects whenever I have a spare moment, but having a full day is a good way to get really focused for me.

So today I plan on indulging in a day of sewing work, plowing through Ophelia and Vanille’s outfits as far as I can… and well, maybe playing a little Sims 3.  ‘Cause you know.  So I’ll get started here in a few minutes… Once Disaster DIY is over…

What do you like to do with a day all your own?

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