About Me

I’ve been cosplaying since my first convention, SDCC 1998, as Super Sailor Moon! Since then I’ve
created dozens of costumes in many different genres, participated in the Society for Creative Anachronism, run several costume contests at different conventions, attended Costume Con, and judged at events like WorldCon & Denver Comic Con. I feel my strongest skills are in garment creation and sewing, but I also have a wide range of experience from silver smithing to vacuum forming.

I live with my husband, Nick, our son, Ben, and our rescued greyhound, Henry, near Denver, Colorado. My day job is teaching kindergarten through 5th grade technology at a charter school. I love to sing karaoke, read voraciously and occasionally even write.

I’m easy to contact at beverly *at* charmedseed.net or via Charmedseed Costuming on Facebook.

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