Dressing the nursery.

When we purchased our new home two years ago, I had the pleasure of a few solid months of decorating, followed by a long stretch of just enjoying the results (with the occasional update here and there!). It was extraordinarily satisfying and gratifying to make a space that really suited my husband and me.


Above: IKEA LERBERG shelf in dark grey; Union 4-in-1 Convertible Crib; assorted DiY frames & prints.


Now, with baby boy on the way, we’re finishing up one last major room… the nursery. We began choosing colors and major pieces before we knew the sex, wanting to go with a neutral color set that focused more on design and less on gender. We purchased Valspar’s Low-VOC paint in three colors: a pretty delicate grey called Owlet, and accent colors of dark navy Gentlemen’s Grey and a sunshine yellow (this was actually another manufacturer’s, the name of which I can’t recall!). The walls were completed with the Owlet light grey, and the yellow and navy accents show up elsewhere in the room, in addition to similar colors.

Furniture and fixtures, when they can’t be matched exactly, are at least in the color families, with accents of metals like the shelf above. As is our way, we’ve purchased a lot of items from Ikea, including the above mentioned standing shelf and the yellow metal wall shelf and star wall sconce below. We’ve felt really lucky to have access to Ikea for modern-look products at a really reasonable cost, even for baby!


Above: IKEA BOTKYRKA wall shelf; IKEA SMILA STJÄRNA wall sconce; metal basket on clearance at King Soopers; art print from artist Mike Maydak, purchased at Denver Comic Con.


We also love unique and fun art – the rainbow house print from Mike Maydak was a purchase we made several years before we were even planning on having a child, but the whimsy and brilliant colors lent a brightness to the room we really loved.

Of course being a nursery, everything in the room is safely secured to the walls (such as the Lerberg shelf, which includes pre-drilled holes for securing to walls), including loose cords (the original Smila lamps were actually recalled previously due to a strangle risk with the cord). Though this little one won’t be mobile for some time, getting the safety taken care of immediately is reassuring, and was made easy with cord kits also from Ikea.


New jewelry pieces – frame your world!

These new wordspell pieces are just what you need if you’re looking to change your outlook… just gaze through them!

Both are available for purchase and immediate FREE US shipping at our Etsy store!  And don’t forget – you can always request a custom piece if you’re inspired by another word, phrase, or metal.  Custom piece prices run the same as our retail prices!

Cough! Hack! Hoot!

I do not knit or crochet at any level (I’ve tried.  The skill escapes me.  I will stick with the sewing machine, I guess!).  So this is A) amazing, and B) just hilarious.  Crocheted owl pellets!



 Futuresticky made this hilarious little creation for her dad, who likes owl pellets (which is kind of dried up owl hairballs, basically made up of parts of animals that they eat that they can’t digest).  I remember reading about them as a kid and hunting for them, never to be found.  I would probably be grossed out a little now, but this funny little creation makes me aw and squirm all at the same time!  So cool!

Delicious… felt?

This has nothing to do with anything other than I think it’s the cutest thing I have ever seen.  FELTED PASTA.  In fact, felted ravioli and felted bowtie (or farfalle) pasta.



I may have to go on a search to create a complete grocery store of felted foods and fixins… Adorable!

Been to Burda lately?

image(FYI, since I’m at school for 13 hours at a time on Tuesdays and Thursdays – sheesh! – the schedule has switched up a bit…  Thoughtful Thursday is more like insane busy Thursday now, but Wednesdays and Fridays are great days for posts!  I will be rethinking my themes!)

I’ve been seeing project after ADORABLE project go up at BurdaStyle.com recently!  I’ve even used a few of the free patterns myself, and they’re excellent!  Even the regular Burda patterns are great, like this one for just $3 right now! What a deal!  Get one on the website and print yourself at home, or keep an eye on your local sew-craft store for sales.

And be sure to check out all the free user-submitted patterns!  There are amazing FREE patterns for all kinds of projects, from dresses and cardigans to dolls, hats, and accessories.

What’s your favorite pattern?



I just picked up this GREAT poster from hooray in anticipation of my someday-classroom.   Not only do I love the sentiment (who doesn’t need to be reminded how wonderful we are once in a while, right?), but I was delighted with the use of vocabulary.  Each line has one less letter than the line above it… a great little game to play with students!  “What do you notice about this poster?”  Sounds like a good idea for a quick language arts assignment to me!

I have serious teaching on the brain as I begin classes tomorrow!  Now back to your regularly scheduled craftybloggityblog.