I’m dreaming…

…of a pink Christmas!  Maybe a little girl you know is insisting on a princess theme… or maybe you just love pink!  Check out this inspiration for a pink Christmas theme!


Sources: Lacy paper snowflake tutorial at How About Orange.  Pink “Dream” Bird at Fancy This!  Pink Glass High Heels at Trendy Tree.

Oh, and why not a few pink decorations for yourself, like this pink ostrich feather bangle?  And of course don’t forget your pink tree and all kinds of pink flowers!  Pink it up this Christmas!  Why not?

Favorite Holiday Decorations from the Blogosphere!

There are so many gorgeous decorations out there… I expect I’ll be spending a lot of time in the next few weeks sharing some of my favorite finds!  Many of these will be DiY and very inexpensive – or at least have the potential – because of course we need to go a little easy on our wallets!  Enjoy!


I LOVE this simple, elegant, informal willow and eucalyptus wreath from Seahorse.  Unfortunately, it’s a UK product, so hard to get to the US in time, but why not do up this one yourself?


Hello?  How about the old classic, paper cut-out snowflakes?  Make bunches and bunches of them for this intense, festive statement!  And the cost?  Pretty much free!


These absolutely charming ornaments are something I know I’d love to give or receive.  Using metal stamps (like the ones I use to create my wordspell pieces), you can share messages and wishes on antique silverware.  No time for that?  Pick these up from the Hammermann shop at Etsy!


Advent calendars are one of those charming and oh-so-easy touches that I often sit here going, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  I love this effortless, timeless example from Rachel!

What’s your favorite frugal project this holiday?

Beg, borrow, and steal!

It’s a mantra we use as teachers that really applies to good teaching strategies that we can learn from others and then use… but I think it has good applications for crafters, too!  I’m taking a few cues this holiday season for my décor from fellow blogs!

imageFirst, I just arrived home from a trip to my local Family Dollar!  Fellow frugalese blog Dollar Store Crafts is constantly touting the benefits of shopping at this super-discounted location, and for once-a-year decorating it can save a lot of money!

I’d started out with a classic gold and silver theme, and then while taking a walk down the floral aisle, I caught sight of the fruits and veggies pictured to the left, and I had a brilliant idea!  A fruit-filled and fluttery tree filled with faux fruit and birds of all colors and sizes.  I also added in the element of white flowers to fill in the lacking spaces in my somewhat sparse (and secondhand) tree.  I’ll also include some of my keepsake ornaments that were handed down from my parents.

imageThe other project I’m looking forward to is this silvery, lighted branch that was posted over at Remodelista.  I love the simplicity and natural flavor of this simple-to-create project.  It seems to go along the lines of the outdoorsy, natural feeling I’m pursuing this season (apparently!).  I’m thinking about giving this one a home on the mantle above the fireplace… it would make a nice foil to some stockings hung by the chimney with care!  I could also go dark green or brown to follow the accents of the red camellia branch curtains in the living room.  So many possibilities!

I like that both of these are not limited to the winter holidays.  A lighted branch is a lovely accent any time of the year, and faux fruit can be a great part of everyday décor or specifically for Thanksgiving.

I admit…  I’m a fan of the winter holiday season!  I love all of it, the decorating, the parties, the lights, and just the overall feeling of wonder and delight.  Oh, and did I mention winter vacation?  Gotta love it!

What fun projects are you finding in the blogosphere this season?

More projects for the scrap collectors


I am a HUGE fan of these delightfully easy projects, especially around this time of year!  Projects like this one over at Apartment Therapy are not only great for your home, but make wonderful gifts as well!  Like the pillow project, this table runner can cost as little as NOTHING using fabric remnants you already have.

What are your favorite free projects to create?

The (mostly) Green and White Bedroom

imageI’d attempted to put together a green and white bedroom when I was in college and had a modicum of success.  Reflecting on that, I went on a search this afternoon to create another green and peaceful sleeping space.  I really wanted that main punch of green and white, reflected in the walls and bedding, but the dark accents and warm colors ground the room, while keeping it interesting and adding a little warmth.  Here’s what I came up with!  References are below, with a few extras: see that mirror from Target?  Get a whole different look my mounting it longways!  Also, I’ve been in love with that mirror dresser from Anthro for years… someday!  Enjoy the Etsy finds!

Wallpaper: H&WBedding from Pottery Barn. Dresser & light: AnthroMirror & Rocking Chair: TargetHeadboard: SundanceChest: GreybillsPillows: Room & Board. Accessories: Etsy sellers willowpillow, mementoretro, dahlush and Urban Outfitters.

Why I never forget Thanksgiving

Why, because of Halloween, of course!  I’m always appreciative of these two holidays falling within proximity of each other because they share a good portion of the décor.  The warm colors, fallen leaves, and gourd-based accessories are easily shared between the two events.  Even (more permanent versions of) jack-o-lanterns can be turned about to their featureless sides.  All those orange candles?  Still great!  Check these out!


A beautiful fall floral and dried display outside a barn.  Appropriate for any harvest-time celebration. 



Pumpkin plates can share your favorite of each of these holiday foods.  Ours held candy for trick-or-treaters during Halloween, and now displays some seasonal gourds for Thanksgiving!



Pick up this cute set of stacking boxes from Oriental Trading!  One side of each is printed with a thankful message, but turn them about for perfect Halloween containers.

What other décor do you love to reuse?

All the colors…

Even though Nick and I rent, the owners of the townhome we rent were kind enough to hear out my thoughts on painting some of the walls and agreed to let us paint some!  Right now everything is a nice but plain cream color, and I thought some interesting highlight walls would benefit not only us, but the owners whenever they decide to reclaim the house.  Besides, they get free labor and we get to enjoy it!

One of the rooms I really wanted to address was our tiny living area.  Our townhome is a long but thin space, and the living area is very confined.  Nick’s large TV fits perfectly into the alcove next to the fireplace, and I thought that wall would be perfect for an accent, especially with the TV already taking up so much of it.

Here’s what we have now:


And here’s what I’m looking at doing:


I know it seems a little counterintuitive to apply a dark color in such a small space, but I think with our beautiful bright picture window on the right there, we could get away with it.  To me, it also seems to add a depth to the room; as light as the alcove is right now, it seems to just emphasize the shallowness of the space.   It’s also a technique to help disguise and blend in all the electronics.

I meant to get this done over the summer and never quite got to it, but maybe over some of the fall holidays I can fit it in!  Here’s hoping?

Got a project you still need to get around to?

Le Style Collage!

‘Cause it should be in French, right?  No, I guess not.  Anyway, I’ve been seeing these cute collages everywhere, from clothing to interior design, so I thought I’d try one myself.  I started out with one of my favorite stores, Urban Outfitters, because I love their fun, funky styles and reasonable prices!  Everything but the dresser with mirror is from UO; the dresser is from Ikea.


If I had my druthers, this would be the bedroom!  Maybe it would be an acceptable guest bedroom, but it does have a level of femininity that would overwhelm Nick a bit, I suppose (well, hey, I’ll just have to make one for him!).  This is very much the style of my last apartment on my own: very eclectic, kitschy, coordinated but not matchy.  I am definitely a fan of the little graphic pillows, and I’ve been in love with that whale print for a year!

What’s your idea of the perfect room?

How is your space organized?

As crafters and creators, we LOVE our spaces (if we’re lucky enough to have them!).  They are a haven for creativity, a delightful sometimes magical land to space1 spend a few hours in.  They can also become pits of disastrous carnage where we can never find the ribbon we bought last week, or that yard of fabric we SWORE we had a month ago.  It’s also someplace we want to display our aesthetic; a beautiful environment is inspiring and invigorating!

Mine is a little corner on the landing of the second floor in our townhome.  There are some simply excellent cabinets that were installed during the construction of the house, and they have been a huge lifesaver.  While they are permanent and can’t be rearranged, they do provide me with a VERY solid work surface, and a little extra storage!  There’s a perfect place for Sophie (the dressform!) next to the hallway, and a large hall closet opposite the cabinets.  Thankfully, there are also plenty of electrical outlets for my multiple sewing machines, glue guns, irons, and the occasional laptop.space2

The most recent thing I did was install these floating shelves (I LOVE floating shelves.  I have them everywhere.  One of them is my bedside table.  There are two in the kitchen.  I don’t know how I lived without them before), and on top of them installed a collection of kitschy kontainers.   I mean containers.  They provide the service of keeping all the little bits and bobs I use for sewing and beading and general crafting organized.  They’re also labeled with my little copper punched tags – that’s right, the same ones I use for the wordspell signature line!

I occasionally covet the master-designed, many-drawered crafting rooms seen on other blogs and on HGTV.  Some of them are professional, some of them are DiY, but all are images of majesty that I hope to achieve some day.  Here are some of my favorites:

Organized Craft Room Ideas: HGTV. I love this room because it’s calm, uncluttered, and looks like it could serve as an office or something OTHER than a craft room.  I am all about multitasking.


Inspirational Craft Rooms: Apartment Therapy.  I mean seriously, where else are you going to go?  Cubbies, hello!

What’s your craft space like?