Flowers from old patterns!

I don’t know about you guys, but I hoard patterns like they’re going extinct.  I even love to find vintage treasures once in a while.  But I also love the PURGE, cleaning out patterns I don’t need to make room for new.  I could recycle those old patterns in the bin with the rest, but here’s something much more creative and lovely!

Materials and instructions on how to make DIY Paper Flowers

Sewing Patterns, Ruler, Scissors, 24-gauge floral wire, Skewers (optional)

1. Stack 10 sheets of sewing patterns cut to 10″ square
2. Fold 1-inch wide sections of the stack, working into an accordion fold
3. and 4. Pinch, loop, and secure a 12-inch length of wire around the middle of the folded pieces. Round the edges using sharp scissors
5. Carefully unfold the layers of paper, fanning into a round bloom
6. A few gentle scrunches of the bloom will create the round “hydrangea” look that you want
7. If you will be arranging the flowers in a big bouquet using floral foam, wrap the remaining wire around a skewer. You can wrap up to three blooms around one skewers

Ta-da! And there you have it, a bouquet of stunning paper flowers!

Check out the rest of the article and more gorgeous pictures over at Wedding Chicks!

A tomato a day…

doortodoorOne of my favorite regular deliveries came yesterday afternoon!  These pretty organic tomatoes!  We get a little box twice a month from a local delivery service… and while I call it ‘little’ (they call it the bitty box!), it’s quite a collection of fruits and veggies.  It’s all organic, and what they can provide locally they do!

We get our order from Door to Door Organics!  Our location is in Colorado, of course, but they have locations in Kansas City, Chicago, Michigan, and along the East Coast.  We like this because not only do we KNOW we have fresh fruit and veggies coming for a visit on a regular basis, it’s also a REALLY great price.  Let me show you…

Our ‘bitty’ box costs us $22.66, including delivery.  This time it contained those three tomatoes, two grapefruit, a 2lb bag of red seedless grapes, 4 plums, 4 peaches, a pound of yellow squash, a 6oz package of blueberries, and 4 bananas (and let me tell you, once you’ve had an organic banana, you’ll never go back!).  Comparatively, at our local grocery store, we’ll run about $26-30 for all that (and that’s just buying regular stuff.. NOT organic!), and WE have to do all the shopping, hauling, picking… all the hard work!  With Door to Door, we just sit there and poof!  Fresh fruits and veggies!

Everything is adjustable (we actually get a bitty fruit box, but we like to trade out our not-so-favorite fruits for our favorite veggies sometimes), from the size of the box to the delivery frequency, to the contents of each individual box.  Just log into the website to make any changes, add things you might want, substitute, even add eco-friendly cleaning materials, treats like chocolate, and organic beverages!  The website is SUPER user friendly, and customer service is very helpful, if you ever need them!

We love it!  Eating right and saving money in an eco-friendly way is right up our alley.  How about you?