Nomday: The best ever!

Nick has declared this recipe the best one yet in our experiment.


I made a few edits: replaced red onions with shallots – a good idea, but fresh shallots are VERY pungent.  Tread carefully!  We used watercress instead of arugula because we had it on hand; spinach seems like it would suffice very well.  Finally, I used a frozen tortellini instead of fresh; it was just cheaper, and it tasted just fine!  Create your own edits and enjoy!

Foodie Monday: Pork Medallions with capers and olives


Faaabulous dinner, and it was super easy to make, which was ideal as we were limited on time on a rather wacky Sunday night.  Nick liked this especially because he’s a huge fan of capers.  The olives are very strong in their own right, but it’s a nice contrast to the pork.  We had green beans and squash flavored with a little garlic as a side.  I made this for Nick just before I took him off to the airport, no need for him to be hungry when he got to his destination!

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