NOMday: Apple Tart

One of my gift requests for this holiday was a food processor.  I’m an inefficient chef at best, and anything that will make my construction easier and more consistent is a friend to me!  I received a Cuisinart from my parents and tried it out immediately upon my arrival home yesterday!  Here was my result!


This is my darling apple tart!  The apple slices were done in the processor with the slicing blade, and the pastry dough was made in the processor also!  Both ingredients were included in the recipes in the instruction manual, but they’re pretty basic.  The dough consisted of a little flour, salt, sugar, butter, and water.  The apple filling involved nothing more than the apples themselves and a little brown sugar and cinnamon!  It was a nice little treat!  Also pictured is my new silicon cookie sheet; this was instrumental in creating the 4 dozen cookies we brought to dinner!

How’s your holiday cooking going?

NOMday with “fun”dant

Get it?  Like fondant?  Yeah, I know.

I came across this in the blogosphere this afternoon and I HAD TO SHARE IT.  IT IS SO AMAZING.  I periodically steal Nick’s new Droid phone specifically to play Angry Birds, so this just blew me away.


It is an Angry Birds cake!  And man, is it right on!  Anya Richardson created this amazing sweet thing, and while I don’t have any personal experience with cake making, based on all the crazy cake challenges I’ve watched over the years, it is tough stuff!  Fantastic work!

What’s your favorite fun cake?