Pardon my unannounced absence on Monday; we’ve had family and friends visiting and I found myself very (and happily!) busy!  Everyone is now at or on their way home, and Nick and are are delighting in the chance to spend some time together and reflect on the wonderful weekend and visits.

One of the things we got to do during the visit was accept some family heirlooms from Nick’s grandfather.  Here’s some of the collection!


Some chopsticks and boxes from Japan, received during a visit to a former exchange student there.


An absolutely incredible custom jade stamp made for Nick’s grandfather on that same trip – the contents of the boxes in the first photo.


A wonderful old boy scout guide book!  It has notes and letters inside, too!  It’s been clearly well-loved.

What treasures have you received from your family?

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A beautiful view

Though the first part of my weekend was dedicated to taking two additional PLACE certification tests, after I completed that chore I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park to spend some quality time camping out with friends and fiancé.  We had some amazing neighbors: about four elk who regularly wandered through our camp like they owned it (which I guess they do, after all).  I have rarely been so close to wild creatures, and rarely do I get to enjoy a beautiful morning view like this one.






All personal photos taken with my Android using the RetroCam application.

I’m back!

You missed me SO MUCH, didn’t you?  And I know you’re just DYING to know, what did I do these last two weeks?  Well, here, I’ll show you:


First, there was a lot of this (including stats.  I’ve never had to do stats before.  It is painful in the extreme).  I’ve written several papers, read about 800 pages (that is not an exaggeration), and collaborated with many wonderful classmates!  I have a test to take this week, and then things will be settled out for a while.


We got the carpet cleaned.  I’ve promised myself since this that I will vacuum at least once a week, more if I have the time and energy.  The accumulation of long brunette hairs in the carpet is just no longer acceptable.


I sanded and painted this charming antique schooldesk.  I’m hoping to make it  fixture in my future classroom, but after living on the porch for two years, it needed some serious TLC.  It’s cleaned up and painted a base coat, but I kind of like the whitewashed look and may leave it!  What do you think?


I also finally finished cutting all the flags for my wedding bunting, and created this test string to use at our engagement party next month.  I’d planned to serge each flag, but after testing one of the flags, I thought they might be better without.  We’ll see how this one stands up when used outside in the park pavilion for the party, and then I’ll decide.


I did have a LITTLE fun!  Last week I went to Live@5, Alice 105.9’s summer patio concert series.  My friend Mara and I have done this for many summers past, and it’s always been fun, but this one got crazy really fast!  My name was drawn for a trip to Vegas, so Mara and I will be going together at the end of the summer!  It was SO crazy!  I am also no longer allowed to say “I never win anything!”  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Denver?  Check out the ball park in the background of the photo!

I have a lot of fun little projects planned for this week, and I’m excited to share them!  Stay tuned!

Historical Days

“I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” – Mark Twain

As I said on my facebook status, this is awesome, truly, but in all honesty I think I’ve had just about enough historical moments for being only 30. I would be more than happy to exist through the next twenty years without any more life-changing events.

Like a lot of others, it’s not in my nature to celebrate death and destruction in any form, but this is a matter of closure for literally hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people.  It is a triumph shrouded in a decade of tragedy, waste, and loss.  There is almost a frenzy, a fervor of celebration in response to ages of pain, and who can blame those who celebrate.  It is a breathtaking moment in time, caught up between grief and triumph.

It is not the end, of course, but it is an end.  It is an interesting marker as I have finished my student teaching: I will likely have students who have never known a world without terrorism, without Osama bin Laden in the forefront when I begin teaching this fall.  Ten years of mystery, ended in a moment.

Read about the death of Osama bin Laden at MSNBC.

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This is all I have today.

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Today, in addition to the biggest wedding of the century, was my final day of student teaching.  I’m taking a week off to sleep (kind of, because I will still be job-hunting), subbing for a few weeks, and then starting 6 credits of graduate research courses.  Then I’ll be planning a wedding.  And starting a new career.

So, ladies and gentlemen, good night, and good luck.

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Weekend of Fun!

I was busy on Friday checking in people at the cosplay contest at Animeland Wasabi here in Denver, hence my lack of post!  I will resume regularly posting this week, but here’s a quick shot of where I was!


Not the greatest shot, taken from my phone, but it was a wonderful time and a very successful contest!

Also want to mention, of course, to please pray for and send support to Japan in any way you can.  We wouldn’t have cosplay as we know it without the Japanese culture that influenced it, so please show your appreciation!  You can text 90999 to REDCROSS to make an instant $10 donation or visit the Red Cross’ website for more information.

Happy Holidays!

My Christmas consisted of snow crab legs, cookies, and a lot of tissues as I inherited Nick’s cold, but it was delightful nonetheless.  I enjoyed the company of my family and the special delight of my nephew in his gifts.  I was also gifted a special present that I requested – a food processor!  More on this tomorrow for NOMday!


My 30th birthday approaches quickly, and I can’t wait to reach that goal!  Happy Holidays and safety in your travels and pleasures.

I wanted the ocean, it came to me

imageI am not dead but I was REALLY REALLY CLOSE for about five minutes (the truck I was in was is in the very edge of the top right corner, no foolin’ you guys.  Seriously).  I was on a trip to South Texas for a long weekend and was very busy with weddings and sightseeing, though it was all very wet!  Even for all that it was a lovely trip and very beautiful country.  I will return here tomorrow to provide the regularly scheduled craftyblogging!

See you then!