Whew! Catching up…

I unfortunately do not have a substantial post this Wednesday; having been away from home for five days, only to immediately go to school and class, I’ve found myself shorthanded.  But even so, there are a bunch of things coming up that I’m excited to do.  So since I haven’t been able to do them yet, I’ll share what I’m looking forward to doing!

Chalk Board Speech Bubble


I have no idea WHY I want to do this other than it seems amazing!  What a fun project (and easy and cheap, to boot) for classrooms, photos, even weddings!  All you need is posterboard, chalkboard spray paint (I just love this stuff, so versatile!), and a craft knife or box cutter.  Check it out over at Make and Takes!

Chalkboard Clock


A related item, this chalkboard clock is another item that’s charming in so many settings.  I love this for a classroom, but it would be equally suitable in a kitchen or even a kid’s bedroom.  This example over at Apartment Therapy is $79 for the clock with four magnets, but I think you could work this out DiY without much trouble at all!  Chalkboard spray paint to the rescue again!

Pom Pom Name Pennant


This is something I’d like to work on for the baby of a friend.  It’s such a simple, charming idea and inexpensive to complete.  Homemade by Jill has all the instructions!

What’s in your plans?


I will stop making up stupid names for days of the week.  Thanks.

IMG_2369Today is shaping  up to be great!  I finally have a weekend day absolutely free of any prior obligations and the time is open for me to do anything I want to do!  Over the past month or two I’ve been able to cross a lot of big projects off my to do lists, all the home improvements Nick and I wanted to do have gotten done (on deck for this week is a post about our shelves repurposed as… well, shelves!), and a lot of family obligations for an upcoming wedding have been completed.  It feels great to cross those things off my list and feel prepared for the start of fall.  I try to do a little bit on projects whenever I have a spare moment, but having a full day is a good way to get really focused for me.

So today I plan on indulging in a day of sewing work, plowing through Ophelia and Vanille’s outfits as far as I can… and well, maybe playing a little Sims 3.  ‘Cause you know.  So I’ll get started here in a few minutes… Once Disaster DIY is over…

What do you like to do with a day all your own?