It’s true… love, that is!


I expect to be perusing a lot of books and blogs like this one over the next year… that’s right!  Nick and I are engaged, and planning on a wedding in late spring of 2012.  Given my penchant for all things handmade, cobbled, frugal, and DiY, you can bet this is going to be a big time craft love fest!  I’m delighted about that aspect of personalizing our wedding, and looking forward to the event planning portion, as well.

Look for lots more wedding and reception planning in the future!

Oh, and what are your best recommendations for resources?

My secondhand quick fixes

I tend to buy a lot of secondhand clothes.  Why not!  They’re reasonably priced, they’re recycled and thus saved from the trash, and they’re often still wonderfully wearing items.  Even so, sometimes a piece or two has a small flaw.  Maybe just a tiny hole or a missing button, but they’re still perfectly workable pieces.  Even I cause the damage sometimes, pulling out the staples that the ARC uses to attach their tags.  Here are the simple steps I take to repair and make great secondhand clothes wearable again.image

Lots of times I find tiny holes in knits, or I don’t want to sew a stitch in a really obvious place.  For this application, I like to make my own patches.  Using a bit of matching (or close to matching) fabric and a little fusible webbing like Wonder Under, I create a tiny iron on patch.  This iron on patch goes not on the outside, but on the INSIDE, where it won’t be seen.  But it will keep your garment together a little longer.

Sometimes collars and sleeves are coming loose as well, and this is a good place for regular stitching.  I also make use of my serger, especially the rolled hem setting.  That way any hem is a minimal width but still has a significant structure.  No serger?  Try a blanket edge stitch with smaller spaces in between.

What are your most useful everyday repairs?

Officer’s Club


There are a few trends in fashion that come back periodically and I’m always happy to see again, military style being one of my favorites.  This seems to constantly be in and out of the spotlight and the runway, and it seems to be back again for the fall!  Of course, I’m not going to destroy my checkbook enjoying new and returning trends, so I head over to one of my local secondhand stores to try my hand at them the frugal way!

I found this delightful military jacket at a local ARC for just $10!  It’s a REAL Army jacket, I’m told, as evidenced by the construction, the patches on the arms, and some tags inside (interestingly, the tags detail instructions to give to your cleaners so your uniform looks its best!  Cool!).  It seems to be an older style, but in impeccable condition, so we think it belonged to someone who served quite some time ago and then kept their things in storage.  It’s such an amazing find from any member of our armed forces, people who take care of us every day!  Thank you for your service!

It is a seriously solid jacket with a heavy lining, good I suspect even in cold weather, but good for just cool fall, too!  I wore it out on Wednesday for a Whedonverse Geeks Who Drink trivia event, and it kept me toasty warm while we sat outside on the patio and racked our brains!  As the fall evenings keep getting cooler, I’ll keep it around!

What’s your favorite fashion steals?