A bit of organization…

My recent finds in accessories left me with a delightful problem: I needed better storage for my scarves and belts.  Before, they spent time hanging on the builder wire shelf organizers that were installed when the house was built.  They’re not a bad system, but they leave a lot to be desired for storing small items, and my accessories sort of hung there limp and neglected, and I couldn’t see anything or access anything easily.  I had a few requirements for my new solution: pockets needed to be clear or see through, so I could identify what was there, and they should be vertical storage, both fairly easy to come by.  I came across two separate solutions…


A traditional wall-mounted belt hanger was useful for not only some of my belts, but for my bathrobes and some of Nick’s belts, too.  My second solution was the over-the-door shoe hanger!  This version was made with a great open mesh that would let me see what was inside the pocket!  And with 24 compartments, there’s plenty of space for lots of accessories!  I haven’t even filled it up yet!

shot_1306330068483   shot_1306330078994

The shoe organizer does hang on the ‘front’ of the closet door, but we rarely close it, and our master bedroom is fairly private, so I’m not too worried about the decorative implications for the moment.  I’m definitely feeling more creative and have a lot of new inspiration when getting dressed in the morning!  Bring on the accessories!

What are your favorite organization solutions for accessories?

Diet shopping spree!

At the end of the semester I’m usually a little broke, but I REALLY needed a little shopping therapy!  So I headed to my favorite shopping-lite location, my neighborhood ARC!  Here’s some of the fantastic finds I made there!

thrift1 thrift2
thrift4 thrift3

Top left: random scarf, top and skirt from Forever 21, random belt; total: $17.  Top right: H&M dress, yellow viscose scarf; total: $9.  Bottom left: assorted belts and scarves; total: $8.  Bottom right: totally adorable vintage apron for just $3!

I was super excited to find some pieces from my favorite stores, and I can’t wait to wear them!

What do you do when there isn’t much extra money around and you need a SHOPPING fix?  Tell!

Friday Fi.. more like three!

Even though this is not Twitter (although you can check mine out @charmedseed, of course!), I wanted to share a few of the blogs I’ve been following lately!


Metal and Mud: Holy brilliant ideas, Batman!  I ran into this blog while participating in Thing-A-Day this year, and this artist is constantly working and creating.  Not only that, but she has a collection of amazing jewelry and art at Etsy, too!  The perpetual calendar project in the photo is simply AMAZING!


Craftastrophe: Is exactly what it sounds like.  Occasionally NSFW, silly and even occasionally appalled at some of the nuttier craft ideas out there, this blog is sure to bring a laugh or two to your day!  I pity the fool who doesn’t read this blog!


crafting an education: Here’s where I’m a total tool and toot my own horn.  This is my more education-leaning blog, but with a crafting aftertaste.  I discuss some of my teaching and learning here, but I also identify fun teaching-related crafts, organization, and décor!  I love making this connection between my two passions.

Go for it, share your favorite (or your own!) blogs!

HUUUUUUGE Jewelry sale!

It’s so huge I’m not even putting it on my own website, I’m just going to let Etsy take care of it for me!


Wanna get a great lot like this at a ridiculously discounted rate?  Hit up my Etsy store for all the goods!  This lot is going for just $20!  Get on it so I can get it out of my house!  Save me some space and yourself some money!  Go go go!

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The FREE Sign-In Book!

Yesterday Nick and I made a trip to Best Buy for a new router (I think we’re developing wireless for our entire zip code), and while waiting for Nick to finalize his purchase, I spied a little offer tag hanging there…  FREE 8×8 PHOTO BOOK.  Well, hell yes, I’ll take one!

Source I am style-ishIt appears you need a qualifying purchase, usually related to cameras, but our router purchase seems to have qualified (you need Internet to get there?), so I had the cashier ring up the card and lo and behold, when I got home, I had a code for a FREE photobook from shutterfly!

This was a great deal because I’d already been planning to purchase a shutterfly photobook as our custom sign-in book at the reception.  It’s a great deal at up to 20 pages, and with our (only slightly less than professional!) engagement photos completely under our control, reproducing them in this format is a great option for us!  What a great find!

Where have you found great unexpected deals that saved you nuptial funds?

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OMG shoes

I think I finally found the perfect shoes for the wedding.

These are Seychelles Aquamarine Pump, and they are pretty much perfect.  They’re a gorgeous shade of pale teal matching our scheme, it’s a moderate 2” heel, strappy and vintage looking, and open toed.  imageI definitely think they compliment my dress, especially in the softer color.

I know I’d found a pair earlier that I liked, but they were a bit long for my petite foot, and I really wanted a more vintage style to compliment my dress.  This really meets all of my expectations and then some!  They’re a little pricy at $90, but I know that’s a good price for really nice shoes!  Also, free shipping, hello!

They have a few other styles that I really like, too, such as the Eyes of Mars Ankle Strap Sandal in Seafoam and the stunning Pot of Gold Pump in Seafoam.  I could probably be persuaded to purchase the sandals for the reception…

Also, on a side note, this wedding took place in Denver and WOW, the locations are so amazing!  The flower wall!  The copper light sconces (that blue-green copper tarnish is just the color)!  I may have to hunt down these spaces for some of our photos, too!

What are some of your stunning wedding finds?  Shoes?  Locations?  Anything exciting?

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Twist and turn!

I picked up a few of these on recommendation of a friend, and I think they’re really neat!  Goody’s new Spin Pin!

Sourced from Goody Website

It’s kind of a neat little tool.  My hair isn’t QUITE long enough, but even so, the spin pins still worked to hold back what hair I could pull back into a bun.  I also bought the LAAAARGE size spin pin for a bun, but again, I don’t have quite enough hair.  As I understand, it’s a lot more comfortable and better for your hair, and prevents a lot of the breakage you can get from having regular up-dos.  Now that I’m getting close to the length where I can put my hair up successfully, I’m excited to start using these!

What’s your favorite new fashion tool?

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You’re the One!

I had an utterly delightful weekend (even if I had a bit of a sniffle, heehee!).  The quest for The Dress was short and sweet, and made easy by the presence of my family and maids, as well as the delightful support of Courtney at Little White Dress and of course the amazing designer, Claire Pettibone.  Here’s a little preview of what I went through on the journey for my wedding dress…

Personal photo: Claire Pettibone line at Little White Dress

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An exciting appointment!

This weekend I’m heading out to achieve one of the milestones of wedding preparation… the dress!  This is an unbelievably exciting event for me (and my girls!) because I care so deeply about garment construction and style.  I’m lucky enough to be able to attend a trunk show with my chosen designer, Claire Pettibone, at Little White Dress in Denver on Saturday.  Meeting a creative, unique designer like Claire is a real treat!

Source - clairepettibone.com

The dress that I’m most looking forward to seeing – and trying on! – is the Clover, a really lovely natural waist dress with straps and the usual Pettibone detailing.  It’s also a cotton dress, which I just love the idea of!  It’s just a beautiful vintage-y, classic, natural, unique look, and I love it!  I think it’s The One… I hope trying it on this weekend will prove it!

Oh, and Nick has seen a picture of it!  I don’t mind sharing the dress because it’s so beautiful, and the real surprise will be on the actual day (and well, I do value his input, even on this very bridal choice!)…  I can’t seem to help but want to share this amazing gown!

I’ll be sure to let you know the results on Monday!

I did it.

I bought a tablet.  I have become one of the tech-ridiculous.


Well, maybe not.  I have never had and will never have an iPhone.  I didn’t have a laptop until last year.  I bought my first desktop in 2003 and used it up until I got the laptop!  So maybe not ridiculous.  But it’s definitely a big part of my everyday existence.

I mainly purchased it to take to teaching interviews and to use as a tool in my classroom next year, but as I thought more about it, I realized it could become a really useful tool while crafting!  Need a quick costume reference photo while shopping for fabric?  Carry this little guy along!  Need a look at some colors or paint chips?  Bam, right there.  Take a note while you’re shopping, and email it to friends?  Piece of cake.  Need to sketch but your only pen is out of ink?  This one never runs out of ink!  Oooohhh, how about a blog post?  The possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite crafty-tech?

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