thing-a-day eighteen: something fishy…


For today, fun pink shell koi become a pair of swimming earrings.  I liked the copper findings as a contrast to the bright pink!

thing-a-day seventeen: Refia’s Brooch


I’ve started working on Refia from Final Fantasy III.  Since I’ve made other faux metal and armor from craft foam and had a lot of success, I decided to go that route with this small piece.  It’s made of two layers, one for the base, and the other with the cross shape.  The entire piece is covered with white glue which stiffens the foam and makes it smooth for spray painting.  A little gold spray paint, and it’s done!


thing-a-day sixteen: part two of the copyskirt


And we are finished!  I’m especially pleased with the ruffle, and the stitching detail around the waist.

Sadly, I will not wear this… I managed to make it too small for me.  Alas.

thing-a-day fifteen: day one of the copyskirt

Halfway there!


I’m attempting to copy this sandy-pinkish-brown paisley skirt in my green-blue-cream paisley fabric.  The pink one is one of my favorites, so I really wanted another in the A-line style.  Here’s the first day’s work: main skirt body and lining cut, sewn, and zippered.  The strips for the bottom ruffles are ready to go tomorrow!

thing-a-day fourteen: cracked but not broken


A little Valentine’s Day treat (and a little bit late… hey, I was celebrating last night!).  Chipped semi-precious stone and craft foam to make a pin.

thing-a-day thirteen: rosy toes


Maybe it’s not exactly crafting, but it’s definitely work!  In the really difficult, gotta sit on the couch for an hour way…  Anyway, red in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

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thing-a-day twelve: Candy Heart Pin


I’ve seen a lot of similar style projects for the quickly-approaching holiday, and I wanted to do up one of my own!  Made with felt and poly filler, stitched on my machine with a sweet message and finished with my new favorite, the blanket edge stitch.

thing-a-day eleven: first felt beads


I’ve been dying to try a little bit of felting (just by hand, not brave enough for needle felting yet!), and I thought I’d make a few beads!  I’ve started off with this purple-yellow mix, one of my favorite color combos.

thing-a-day ten: gravity


Harkening back to my wordspell line, today I made a stamped necklace.  I’d purchased these pre-punched disks and hadn’t used them yet.  The addition of a bead of aventurine completes a planetary look.