Dressing Ophelia – Complete!

She’s done!  In fact, she’s been done for a week, but I wanted to get a few nice photos.  I had a lot of fun at Mile Hi Con, too, and took home 1st place in the adult category!  Nick and I took these photos yesterday – so Happy Halloween, too!   I did all […]

Dressing Ophelia – Part 3

I finally found time on Monday to get the dress pieced together, as well as the collar in place (sleeves are coming up today!).  I decided the dress would be more period appropriate without lining and worn with a  chemise underneath instead.  This is a good choice because with all the beadwork and pearls that […]

Dressing Ophelia – Part 2

This was not a terribly technical portion, mostly it was just a really tedious job.  The details of Ophelia’s dress include a lion rampant along the skirt hem in a pretty gold.  What’s a lion rampant you say?  It’s basically one of those lion designs where it’s up on its hind feet and roaring or […]

Dressing Ophelia – Part 1

I’m so excited about this project!  Ophelia is my absolute favorite John Williams Waterhouse painting, and one of my just plain old favorite paintings. I’m a big fan of the Pre-Raphaelite painters in general; I love the source material of classic legends, fairytales, and myths, and the deliriously beautiful figures and ladies.  I think this […]

It’s been so long!

FINALLY AFTER A MILLION BAJILLION YEARS (really, like a year and a half, but in Internet time that’s like ETERNITY), I have managed to update my costume website. Hey, look at that! Finally got pictures up of Ophelia and everything! There is a lot of stuff that’s just not done yet – I have a […]

Quick and Easy Day of the Dead Costumes

So my attempt at Han Solo and Princess Leia costumes failed with an overwhelming week prior to Halloween.  We didn’t even make it to the main party we usually attend, and we missed our friends bunches!   We did make it out for a short trip to another party on Saturday, but I struggled to come […]

Obscure Costume Sources

As a cosplayer, this is certainly not a foreign idea to me, as I’ve mentioned before.  Cosplay costumes don’t make good Halloween costumes, of course, but I’ve found myself picking out even more obscure designs for creation among books – especially children’s books.  I blame it all on the teaching thing.  Here are some ideas […]


I will stop making up stupid names for days of the week.  Thanks. Today is shaping  up to be great!  I finally have a weekend day absolutely free of any prior obligations and the time is open for me to do anything I want to do!  Over the past month or two I’ve been able […]

You never know when you might need it…

I’ve been working on my Ophelia dress the past week or so (I will share more about this Tuesday!), and as I was working through my pattern alterations I had my sort of shell of the scrap I used for fitting the pattern pieces left, and as I kept staring at it I thought… that […]