My secondhand quick fixes

I tend to buy a lot of secondhand clothes.  Why not!  They’re reasonably priced, they’re recycled and thus saved from the trash, and they’re often still wonderfully wearing items.  Even so, sometimes a piece or two has a small flaw.  Maybe just a tiny hole or a missing button, but they’re still perfectly workable pieces.  Even I cause the damage sometimes, pulling out the staples that the ARC uses to attach their tags.  Here are the simple steps I take to repair and make great secondhand clothes wearable again.image

Lots of times I find tiny holes in knits, or I don’t want to sew a stitch in a really obvious place.  For this application, I like to make my own patches.  Using a bit of matching (or close to matching) fabric and a little fusible webbing like Wonder Under, I create a tiny iron on patch.  This iron on patch goes not on the outside, but on the INSIDE, where it won’t be seen.  But it will keep your garment together a little longer.

Sometimes collars and sleeves are coming loose as well, and this is a good place for regular stitching.  I also make use of my serger, especially the rolled hem setting.  That way any hem is a minimal width but still has a significant structure.  No serger?  Try a blanket edge stitch with smaller spaces in between.

What are your most useful everyday repairs?

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