Dressing Ophelia – Part 2

This was not a terribly technical portion, mostly it was just a really tedious job.  The details of Ophelia’s dress include a lion rampant along the skirt hem in a pretty gold.  What’s a lion rampant you say?  It’s basically one of those lion designs where it’s up on its hind feet and roaring or something.  It’s a heraldic symbol often seen on family shields and things. IMG_2370

So!  I went on a hunt for a design I liked.  There were a lot of nice lions rampant out there, and I wanted to get close to what the design on the skirt looks like, but I also wanted something interesting and to my preference.  That’s when I found this cool lion rampant with a forked tail!  That was totally the guy.

Next, I needed to size it up.  At 5’2”, I am fun sized and I know it.  In Ophelia’s portrait, the lion starts just at the top of the gold trim on the skirt and doesn’t quite come to her knee.  So while I initially thought I would need a large design, it turns out the best size for me is really just about a regular sheet of paper sized.  That made printing pretty convenient!

The next portion was one of the tedious parts.  There are of course of a lot of little scrolly bits and fur on knees and things, and I carefully cut out the design all the way around.  Then there was YET MORE TEDIOUS TRACING.  After I affixed a section of the gold charmuse to some WonderUnder (WU is a paper-backed fusible webbing that comes in several weights.  You can use it to basically make appliqués, bonding fabric to fabric, or even fabric to other porous materials), I started tracing the design onto the paper backing from the original print.  Tracing the design onto the paper backing means I don’t have to mark the fabric and risk getting a mark in a place I don’t want.  Yikes!

Once again, there was MORE TEDIOUS cutting, but I came out with a really good result!


Which awaits application to the skirt of the dress, when it’s time.  Using the WonderUnder makes it really easy: all I have to do is iron it on!  Ta da!


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